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  • 5 Reasons Why Visit Uganda for Gorilla Trekking in 2018

    Gorilla tracking might be high on your bucket list  but still wondering  the best country to make your dream come true. However, when you see the reason as to why everyone is going to Uganda for gorilla trekking safaris you will definitely make a step and go gorilla trekking to either Bwindi Forest National Park […]

  • Top Gorilla Safaris in Africa

    It’s known that perfect gorilla safari holidays are found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but the demand depends on the travelers’ interest and budget. However, every gorilla safari experience make Africa a top destination but here is a list of the most loved gorilla treks that you may find pleasing  to take on or advise […]

  • Expedition to the Walikale Jungle

    At the request of Turner Prize-winning artist Steve McQueen, in September 2006 gorilla guide. Greg Cummings led an expedition into the forests of the Walikale Region of DR Congo, as part of a film McQueen was making.  The expedition party – which included the film crew, 20 local porters, a chef, and a priest – […]