Will our children live in a world without gorillas.

How to contribute

Western Gorilla is not a licensed non-governmental organization (NGO), just a network of frontline field researchers. We are not set up to accept electronic contributions or administer whatever money is collected. Therefore, we have asked a group of large NGO’s that operate projects in Western gorilla range countries to set up web donation sites that are specifically earmarked for Western gorilla conservation. As of yet only one (the Wildlife Conservation Society) has accepted, but we are hoping for further participation in the near future. Please click on the link below to donate.
Donate at a site hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

How will my money be spent?

Western gorilla conservation is now very unfocused and ineffective: balkanized into a myriad of uncoordinated initiatives, many addressing peripheral issues and each receiving only part time attention. What is desperately needed is a fulltime point person dedicated to coordinating all aspects of Western gorilla conservation, including things like government, NGO, and public relations, fund raising, communications (including this website), and ground surveys. At we would like to help find money to fund such a coordinator but we are not set up to employ one. The NGO’s that have accepted our request to sponsor a web donation site have agreed that any money collected through the site will be dedicated to this coordinator position. They have also agreed that we at WesternGorilla will exercise control over how any residual money resulting from the web donation site will be allocated. We intend to invest any such money in a manner consistent with the philosophy laid out in this web site.

How much should I give?

Whatever you can afford. The more the better but even small contributions will send a message to the government and large private donors that the public cares about Western gorilla conservation.

What do I get for contributing?

No hat, no tshirt, no membership decal. Only the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to save wild gorillas.

If you would prefer to make your contribution to an established NGO we would like to offer you the follwing advice about how to be most effective with your giving.

1) The most critical need is for on-the-ground action, particularly law enforcement in the near term and protected area management and training in the medium to long term. Specifically earmark any contributions you make for those purposes. The more specifically targeted towards these activities your contribution is, the more effective it will be. Information on specific protected area projects can be found at or Protected Areas page.

2) The governments in the Western gorilla range countries are not currently capable of planning or administering the conservation programs that are necessary to save Western gorillas without gross inefficiency and\or corruption. Governments will need to be intimately involved but, for the forseeable future, the only realistic strategy is to route money through non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).