DR Congo

When you travel to Congo in West Africa, you will come to experience the true wilderness of Africa. Also called te Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this country hosts some of the best places to visit and enjoy a gorilla safari in Africa; i.e Virunga National Park a home of part of the world remaining mountain gorillas. These great apes also live in Uganda and Rwanda. Of course there are also low land gorillas in Kahuzi Biega for those looking to track both mountain and low land gorillas but Virunga is the most visited. Congo gorilla safaris to Virunga are enjoyed together with Nyiragongo volcanoes hike another fine tourist attraction in Virunga massif region.

For more hiking and trekking experience on earth , Congo  in west Africa is definitely the best with lots of rewarding gorillas, chimpanzees and hiking ,moments  in one trip journey to the beautiful forests of Virunga national park. catch up with incredible views of mount Ruwenzori, hills, lovely vegetation ,etc each time you set your eyes up in the skies. Congo is  a gorilla safari tour haven  to several travelers  on different Congo gorilla tours around virunga region.

Where are Gorillas in DR Congo

DR Congo is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country has it all from gold treasures, mountain gorillas, and low land gorillas, wildlife, chimpanzees, Volcanoes and much more. I believe you will find you’re desired destination with in this amazing nation as long as you love primates and rewarding adventures like Volcanoes hiking. As you plan your Congo safari tour, here are the stunning places to consider for a wonderful vacation.

Kahuzi Biega

This rich conservation area in Congo is a home of eastern low land gorillas also known as Grauer’s gorillas and is the largest of the four subspecies. The low land gorillas have large hands, stocky body shape and short muscles a thing that defreciates them from other gorillas. However, the trekking experience is same just like that of mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and in Virunga National Park.Kahuzi Biega national park is one of the most influential places for Congo safaris and tourism .If you want  to see the fascinating  side of Democratic Republic of Congo, a trip to low land gorillas will give you definite answers. Find this gorilla park  in a 30 kilometer distance from Bukavu it takes one & half hours to get to the park by road.

Virunga National Park

This is one of the most biologically diverse protected areas on the planet packed with amazing primates-Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and other forest habitants, scenic landscape and great ambience. Just in case you don’t know Virunga national Park is one of the top mountain gorilla safari destinations in Africa and the only place to experience gorilla trekking in Congo. Get close to wild gorilla in the jungle forest with a trip to Virunga national park and also enjoy chimpanzee habituation and viewing other park primate species on a single trek. Its the park natural beauty that keeps flow of visitors to Congo all year.

Congo Tourist Visa

The fact is that every one planning to visit the Republic of Congo aka Congo-Brazzaville for business or travel holiday will need a Congo Visa that costs only $100.All you need is a valid passport, copy of updated yellow fever vaccination, prof of your reason for visiting Congo- confirmed trip itinerary and hotel reservations, recent bank statement showing sufficient funds and a copy of your trip return air ticket. Make sure you specify the reason for you visit so that you don’t confuse business and travel vacations. After getting the Congo tourist Visa be ready to fly  to Africa and explore the wonderful country on a gorilla tracking trip to Virunga National Park.

Congo Gorilla Permits

You need a Congo gorilla permit to watch the unique giant endangered forest creatures of Virunga National Park .Congo Gorilla permits cost $400 for foreigners all year but cost ony $2oo per trek during the low season months.Imgaine observing gorillas and enjoying photography for a full one hour at only two hundred dollars yet  the same experience costs $1500 in Rwanda. If you planning to track gorillas in Congo soon, its very easy to secure a gorilla permit through a travel  agent or someone responsible for your Congo gorilla tour or book directly with Virunga national Park. Better to book early in order to e on the safe side.

Congo Gorilla safari Accommodations

The most common gorilla safari lodges in Congo  Virunga national park are Mikeno lodge and Bukima tented camp  but some travelers use accommodations in Rwanda  and track gorillas in Congo. Its very easy to transfer from Rwanda Gisenyi to Congo and back hence giving travelers a chance to use Gisenyi accommodations and also explore the beautiful town and lake in Rwanda.