Virunga National Park

Gorilla tracking in Virunga National park in DRC

Gorilla tracking in the DRC is carried out in Virunga National park and is a UNESCO World heritage site located in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo bordering both Rwanda and Uganda. Virunga National park also covers an area of 7800km and is home to 200 of the mountain gorillas that live in the southern part of the park. The park is managed by Congolese national park authorities with the institute Congolias pour La Conservation de la Nature (ICCN). There are also partner to Africa Conservation Fund. After, the reduction in the number of the gorilla numbers are also due to the ruthless attacks which killed 10 gorillas, their population has also increased and more stable now. The efforts have been put in by the rangers who live within Virunga National park.

The national park is 32km west of Goma which is the capital city of North Kivu province. The transport from Goma to Virunga National park can be arranged with Virunga National park. The roads to the national park are so poor, so it’s best to travel with someone who knows the place. The other option can be a guided tour since tourism infrastructure is not well developed as it is in Rwanda and Uganda. It’s also well advisable that the best way to drive in Goma is by passing via Rwanda on the well maintained road from Kigali. It takes three hours to drive to the border of DRC that is near Goma. This border crossing is easy and from there, it only takes a short walk of 10 minutes to Goma. The other option would be crossing the border of Bunagana in south western Uganda, where you can access an affordable local visa that can be bought.