Are Gorillas Dangerous?

Are Gorillas Dangerous? Is it Safe to Visit the Gorillas in the Wild? Why gorilla beat chest. Do gorillas attack humans?

Gorillas are among the most dangerous and outstanding nature animal in world. They are similar in appear to the structure of human being and that is why some scientist refer them to human category. Gorillas do not have a fixed season for breeding just like the human beings so this feature is also similar to human beings.

The family of Gorilla is dependent on mothers because they take care of younger ones. Female Gorillas help to provide their younger ones with necessary foods, transportations and also in socialization. Males mostly do not take care of the younger ones and they also defend their younger ones if there is any battle with other group or one male wants control over the group.

It is safe to visit the Gorillas in the wild because they can be gentle just like human creatures. However they can turn out to be a threat if you provoke them. Tour guides lead different groups of trekkers that is; a maximum of 8 people in a national park as they search for gorillas. There is hiking and scrambling through the forest, climbing is also involved. It requires physical fitness while hiking in the jungle especially since it could take an hour to eight hours before a family of gorillas is actually found. Once a particular group or family is found, you are given about an hour to marvel in their presence. The time you have with gorilla is for sure safe as long as you follow certain rules such as; Speak quietly while in the jungle, don’t make any sudden movements; they can be interpreted as a provoking threat, as you take photos, avoid using a flash. If a gorilla starts charging you, don’t run away; simply crotch down in a visually apologetic way, until it cools down.

One can ask himself if Gorillas can attack humans but the answer is NO, gorillas are very shy and reserved towards people. They will attack only if they are surprised or threatened or if a person behaves in the wrong way. If people try to make unexpected movement, the silverback male can react with horrific roaring and bluff charges. If the person then behaves submissively by crouching down and looking at the ground, he has nothing to fear about because they will see you as non – threatening. More so, when their family is attacked or if they sense any danger, the typical response of a male silverback to a threat is making bluff charges by beating on their chest, making aggressive sounds or running up to their target quickly, then stopping a few feet away. However, if he runs away instead, the excited gorilla is provoked even more. He will follow the fugitive and bite him into the body part he can seize first, most frequently a leg or buttock. The result of such an attack usually is a deep wound.

In other words, Guides will teach you safety precautions and what to do in unpredictable situations. The gorillas on the trek are comfortable with human presence. This is because they are used to being with tourists and guides daily, which makes trekking much safer. With this in mind, it is easier to enjoy every moment with the gorillas.