Gorilla Permits

It’s definite that Uganda, Congo and Rwanda offer exceptional gorilla safari experience to tourists across the world but one must have a gorilla permit in order to discover the beautiful jungle forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park. Tourists can book gorilla permits through tour agents and also directly from the park management authorities. But regarding gorilla permit availability tour experts respond quick since they have all the information of gorilla safaris in Africa.

The Latest news about gorilla permit prices   in Africa is that after Rwanda changing its gorilla permit prices from US$750-US$1500,Uganda decided to keep it at us$600 per permit and US$450 for low season months (April, May and November)that is valued until 2019 when the park management authority UWA has plans of  revising all the tariff fees of all national parks. Democratic Republic of Congo also maintained its gorilla permit price offers of US$400 for high season and US$200 for low season months. Now the choice is yours to book your dream gorilla safari tour in your favorite gorilla tracking spot in line with your budget and interest.

How to Book a Gorilla Permit

It’s better to secure a gorilla a few months in advance before the tracking date due to the high demand of gorilla tourism in Africa. The least can be three months  before your visit. Those booking tailor made tours  to see gorillas, first pay your gorilla permit fee in advance in order to enable  the trip planner to acquire your gorilla permit and that is what we call gorilla safari tour comfirmation.In other wards your trip is on and booked even before clearing the balance as long as as your gorilla permit  is secured.

Peak Season & Gorilla permit

This is also known as summer time in Africa but during June, July, August, September, December February and March , gorilla permits get sold out due to high demand and remember gorilla tracking is an adventure that respects conservation and sustainable tourism. However, only eight tourists are allowed to visit a particular habituated gorilla group and spend with it 60 minutes in observation and photography, so no over booking can be made in case the numbers of tourists go high.

Surprisingly the demand is still high in low season months due to the gorilla permit discounts that Uganda and democratic Republic of Congo because it the best time when all budget travelers fulfill their dream of seeing gorillas in their wild home.

What are Gorilla Permits?

You may be asking yourself what gorilla permits mean; In brief it’s a document or card issued by the park management authority  for example in Uganda its issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rwanda by Rwanda Development Board and in Congo  its by either  Virunga national park management or Kahuzi Biega park management. This document enable you to track gorillas in the gorilla park of your choice but make sure if you want to track gorillas in Bwindi then get permits for Uganda but not for Rwanda  since each gorilla permit cost differently. After having this document at hand then prepare well for your gorilla safari.