Gorilla Tours

When it comes to rare wildlife encounters in Africa,  of course Uganda is mentioned as  one of the most populated mountain gorilla home with incredible gorilla trekking experience though some mountain gorillas live in the neighboring country of Rwanda and democratic Republic of Congo. Commonly referred to as the Pearl of Africa has several tourist attractions but gorillas in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga take control of the tourism sector. Besides, the country receives most visitors for gorilla tracking safaris than any other tour adventure every year. Tracking gorillas is a great experience loved by most adventure travelers and nature lovers to Africa though many call it “Life changing experience in the jungle forests of Africa.

Gorilla Safari Pack list

Uganda gorilla racking safaris are just like any other trip in Africa with little difference in experience and how the trek is conducted. Since the trek is done in think jungle vegetation, we recommend one to pack long sleeved shirts, trousers, walking boots sun cream, insect repellant, good Camera with extra charged batteries, jacket, rain jacket, small waterproof bag for carrying important documents ,drinking water , valid passport and lastly but most important the gorilla permit. However, the long wears shouldn’t be with shouting colors because you need to blend with nature.If you to visit other national parks in Uganda and other tourist attractions around the region carry some shorts, sleeveless tops,T-shirts and swim suits for beach and island excursions like that of Lake Bunyonyi that tourists love most.

Gorilla safari Orientation

Every gorilla tracking tourists to Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park has to go through the gorilla orientation process that many call –Gorilla briefing  and get to know the code of conduct while with gorillas and even during their search in the thick hilly forested jungle. This process  is an opening session on the morning for the trek and its done at the park headquarters by rangers .You will present your valid passport and the day’s gorilla permit that  permit you to join the group of trackers. The process is wonderful and its just here that you decide either to hire a porter  or not .Some just buy walking sticks to support them during the forest walk as they search for the amazing primates.

Booking Gorilla Permits

Gorilla permits are gate passes to see gorillas in Uganda but they can be booked by either a tour agent or directly to the park management authorities. However one is at least advised to book a gorilla permit three months to the tracking date since other travelers book their permits one year in advance. Remember the demand for gorilla tourism and permits is high each day based on first come first serve basis. Uganda gorilla permits cost $600 per permit and $450 for low season months so the choice is yours to decide when to track the rare primates.

General gorilla safari Experience

It’s a must to carry packed lunch  on the day of tracking gorillas because the trek may take long between 2-8 hours , returning back to lodge to hungry. The amazing thing is that whoever tracks gorillas gets a reward from the park headquarters “ Gorilla Tracking Certificate” a document that congulagulates you from the tough treks and hikes of the thick jungle forest, Besides that comes with the lifetime memories of looking at the giant primates in their home .Sometimes afternoons are free after the trek but a cultural tour to the Batwa people or Bwindi community add value to your Uganda gorilla tracking safari