Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in South Western Uganda has so much for everyone and you will truly be spoilt for choice wondering where to begin from when it comes to amazing tour adventures. Did you know that Bwindi impenetrable National Park is a premier destination for gorilla trekking in the world and is the magnet that brings many primate and nature lovers to Uganda. The park has half of the living mountain gorilla population that it shares with Mgahinga national park but there is plenty of other adventure activities to engage in during a gorilla safari through the vast lush thick hilly forested landscape.

Tourists here find classic green vegetation scenery, lush rain forest, landscape, mountain gorillas, rich culture and a bonus of comfortable accommodation facilities both within and outside the park. Apart from mountain gorillas, Bwindi forest is a home to some wonderful bird species, butterflies, reptiles and other primates that entertain tourists during the search of mountain gorillas. As the most tourist popular tourist attraction in Uganda see what every tourist to Bwindi enjoy all through.

Gorilla trekking in  Bwindi Impenetrable National park (Uganda)

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is the ultimate destination for mountain gorilla trekking in Africa. Many travelers who take gorilla trekking safaris in Africa opt to visit the Bwindi gorillas! Bwindi impenetrable National park has also got 13 gorilla groups and is also located in southern Uganda and Mgahinga national park has got 1 gorilla family. The gorilla families in bwindi include; Mubare, Rushegura, Habinyanja and all these are found in Buhoma sector, the Rushaga sector has also got Nshogi, Mishaya Busingye, and Bweza. The Nkuringo family has got one group called Nkuringo and Ruhinja sector has got three families which include; Oruzogo, Kyaguriro, and Buitukura.

Bwindi forest is known to be a UNESCO World Site and it’s in South western Uganda that has half of the gorilla population that totals to 440 which is half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. The parks cover an area of 33km of the thick montane and the lowland rain forests.

Getting There

It takes 10 hours to drive from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National park. The drive to the park gives tourists the real picture of what a rural area looks like and  goes through the most beautiful scenery which is so eccentric to the eyes of the viewer.

There are attractive ways of reaching these two parks, by taking a domestic flight from Entebbe Airport by Aero Link to Kayonza airstrip which is also near Bwindi and the tourists are driven for a short while so they can be able to access the national park.

Things to See

Mountain Gorillas

Normally visitors to Bwindi forest take 2-3 days and explore the magical land of gorillas in Africa-Bwindi national park on a life changing wildlife encounter gorilla trekking an activity where tourists explore the jungle to see the largest giant forest primates. This is truly a nature lovers paradise with abundance of tree species, flora and fauna, birds, butterflies, reptiles and many other primates that is spotted during the trek. One must have a Uganda gorilla permit to see gorillas a thing that every tourist to Bwindi forest carry along as agate pass to the eyes of the silver back gorilla and its family members. The one hour time duration with the mountain gorillas makes visitors forget all the hassles, hikes and treks and instead cherish the terrific moment with the beautiful primates. If you visit Uganda and fail to track gorillas, just no your trip was partially incomplete and you will need to see what every tourist to Bwindi fight to see.

Things to Do

Batwa Culture Trail

Known as forest people and Mountain gorilla friends, the Batwa tail in Bwindi forest is another thing tourists want to experience after wondering how a human being can live and depend on the forest in every life aspect. It’s something you will get excited about after your gorilla trekking safari adventure or before depending on your interest and gorilla safari arrangement. Be part of the batwa cultural trail a nature walk activity in Bwindi national park to discover the history and culture of the Batwa people of Uganda. During this tour adventure, tourists are free to join any activity but usually the hunting, local herb gathering, , music and dance are some of the activities I would highly recommend.

Bird Watching

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a great bird watching destination in Uganda despite it being famous for Uganda gorilla tracking safaris. Common bird species found in the park include Apalis,Montane Oriole, and Short tailed Warbler,Kivu Ground-Thrush,Chapin’s Flycatcher and African Green Broadbill, Western Green Tinker bird,African Wood Owl,Archer’s Robin-Chat,Red-throated Alethe,Fine-banded Woodpecker etc. However, also bird watching tourists find Bwindi national park paradise and a home of their favorite bird species.

Other Tourist activities to enjoy in Bwindi forest is the community walk to homesteads and also taste the locally made coffee in Buhoma sector of the   park. Also there are many community projects that aim at lifting a local individual and other community members like rid a bicycle for a woman and the Bwindi hospital retreat, and schools that you can support through simple donations hence making your trip just what you wanted. Shopping can also be done at the gorilla park though its by choice but slovenlier shops are always open and ready to offer you Gorilla carvings that will remind you of your visit to Uganda.